Tuesday, January 18, 2011


so i got on the flight to AZ yesterday moring, from JFK, god i HATE JFK... after my thorough pat down and full Xray body scan i was on my way to board an airplane full of coughing, hacking sneezing fools. being locked into an 80 foot long metal tube with a bunch of sickies? sign me up! thank god i had extra vitamins with me.

with my iPod and my new Beats By Dre headphones, i just shut it all out, and blasted my own soundtrack of Massive Attack...full on calm! some of you are probably like, Massive Attack? REALLY? Try it before you knock, fool.

Leaving JFK with the temp at 28* and landing in PHX AZ, the temp was mid 70's and gorgeous! the first thing i notice is the mountains ALL around the valley im in, its amazing and just makes you feel small.... on the mountain i live in NJ, its cool, but you always feel closed in, claustrophobic. Out here the vast open landscape makes you feel like you have no boundaries or walls.

i was feeling a bit tired as we got back to my friend mikes house, so we chilled out a lil bit, i met some neighbors, and got the full tour of this kids little man made mansion. the house is awesome, and theres bikes EVERYWHERE...feel comfortable already!

After hanging out for a bit it was time for some food, so off to Four Peaks Brewery, for some chicken enchiladas, and beer... The food was amazing and i ate way to much, all inside an open faced bistro style building with a nice breeze. if you ever get the chance check this spot out, and try the oatmeal stout ice cream float! amazing!

After chilling at Four peaks Mike, Kristen and Ryder took me for a walk down Mill ave. in Tempe arizona....great strip, and super clean, SUPER CLEAN town, not like NJ, it seems as though maybe people give a shit about WTF thier towns look like around here, unlike NJ where peeps just say "if it aint mine, fuck it!"

we stopped at a really cool little spot called CANTEEN-MODERN TEQUILA, full tequila bar and some RIDICULOUS rice pudding. We sat out side a people watched and caught up on some lost time, and remembered some funny stories we had...the Margaritas were amazing...

to top the night off, we hit up the Lone Bute Casino, its 5 min from mikes house and what a blast it was, played blackjack and roulette for about 4 hours, i left with an xtra 40 bucks in my pocket then what i started with, win win situation for me...

lets see what today brings!

Eville out~

Friday, October 1, 2010

shinya kimura @ chabott engineering

This video has definetly made its footprints around the motorcycle Blog community, but it just doesnt get old to me....enjoy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paul Jr, was chief designer for Falcon motorcycles?


Well, neither did FALCON MOTORCYCLES.....

Strange, then, that creative genius Paul is using one of Falcon's bikes as a representation of his skills on 'Paul Jr Designs' t-shirts, available from his website.

This has to stop.

If you have a Blog, please repost this.


Check the Paul Jr Designs webshop... suddenly this design is 'sold out' (in other words removed). Job done... for now.

Thanks to Greasy Kulture Magazine's Blog for this update...